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Why are non-accredited short courses so important?

If you work in healthcare or community services, you’re probably familiar with non-accredited short courses. You’ve likely completed one or more non-accredited short courses yourself.  But why are they so important?

Development of valuable skills and knowledge

Non-accredited short courses offer useful skills and knowledge for healthcare tasks like manual handling, medication administration and infection control.

While nationally recognised qualifications provide you with an entrance to the health care industry, short courses offer hands-on training in highly specific areas. This diverse training increases your confidence and ensures you’re capable of providing different types of care to clients.

Increased employability

Non-accredited short courses provide learners with skills and knowledge valuable to a range of healthcare roles. The more short courses you complete, the wider your skillset will become, increasing your options and employability.

While completing a non-accredited short course once is important, it is equally as important to regularly attend refresher courses. As you refresh your skills, your employers will be more certain of your ability to provide quality support and care.

Supportive learning environment

Non-accredited short courses allow you to develop your skills within a supportive, educational environment. During the course, trainers are on-hand to evaluate your skills and offer valuable directions on improving technique and competency. Upon completion, you’ll be sure that your skills have been carefully assessed and brought up to standard.

Minimised health and safety risk

Non-accredited short courses generally relate directly to the health and safety of both clients and workers. A lack of training increases the chance of a worker making a mistake that puts themselves or a client at risk. Because being a carer or support worker is all about providing quality care, minimizing these risks through regular training is vital.

Non-accredited short courses are quick and accessible, usually only taking up a few hours.

At Auscare, we offer a range of non-accredited short courses in Perth, for individuals seeking to enhance their employability and service providers looking to upskill their staff. So, if you are looking to upskill or are due for a refresher, take a look at the short courses we offer and get ready to strengthen your skills!