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Day Centres

Auscare is funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, for Day Centre and Groups. The activities are designed to promote social connection and offers respite for carers. Filled with fun activities and social connections with others.


Enjoy Socialising & Activities with others in a fun, casual setting

Day Centres and Groups are great way for seniors to enjoy social interaction activities that are designed to develop, maintain or support social connections. A day out exploring the countryside, while enjoying a spot of lunch and making new friends along the way, is just one activity our day centres and groups provides.

The social atmosphere and connections a Day Centre and Group can provide is priceless to our seniors. Getting out and being social, even if it’s a simple chat over a cuppa, provides a good boost to your mental and physical health.

Our centres and groups like our ‘Good Times Group’ are hosted at home-like settings or venues, where our seniors can socialise, relax and have a laugh. 

These activities cater to a variety of needs to improve your quality of life, which include:

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Meeting new people and forming new friendship circles
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Relaxing and appreciating a change of scenery
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Enjoying day trips and new activities
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Outdoor walks and BBQs
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Light exercise classes to maintain your health and vitality
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And more!

Our centres and groups are available through the week so get in touch...

Our weekly itineraries are filled with fun, stimulating activities, and our clients have involvement with many ideas and suggestions, placing them in the drivers seat to create the best experience and outcome.