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Home Modifications

Auscare is funded by the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, for home modifications, where alterations are made to the layout and fittings of your home so that life can continue in a safe and independent environment.

Home modifications can also improve your independence and confidence with your activities of daily living, as well as increase your safety and security and remain independent living at home.

How can our Home Modification Services assist you in your home?

Auscare can see to all your needs and mobility requirements, giving you the opportunity to live independently, in your own home. Having a home which provides you with the support you need, gives you the confidence and quality of life you deserve.

The first step we take is to ensure that we understand your goals, we follow the recommendations provided by your assessment with the occupational therapist. We will propose to deliver simple yet effective solutions, which maintains your independence at home. Imagine, how much easy manoeuvring in a kitchen or bathroom will be with a well-placed grab rail, non-slip tiles and modified steps.

Home Modification support delivered and installed by Auscare can help to increase or maintain your ability to move around your home with minor or major modifications, which include:

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Grab Rails
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Accessible Bathroom Redesign
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Installing Safety Locks
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Installing Lever Taps
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Widening of Doorways

Even the smallest modification can make a big difference in your home

Even if you need just a simple modification, the installation of a handheld shower can give you the added independence and confidence you need, whilst ensuring your loved ones that you have a hand of help if needed. 

Auscare specialists collaborate with side-by-side support, ensuring our clients care exceeds expectations and where comfort and wellbeing is always top of priority list. 

Wheelchair Home Modifications Assistance