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Allied Health

Auscare’s allied health professionals provide a range of assistance when it comes to health care services. Always taking a holistic, multi-faceted approach towards our clients needs, Auscare allied health professionals can help someone with post injury rehabilitation, physiotherapy, podiatry, mental health support, speech pathology, dietary health, nutrition advice and planning.


How can our Allied Health Services give you expert health and nursing care?

Allied health professionals provide a range of critical health and health-related services for clients across a broad range of conditions.

Our professional Auscare team will always ask the questions to understand our client’s needs to determine the best allied health plans which will support the most positive outcomes and align with our clients personal goals and lives. 

Our allied health team can assist you to improve your mobility and wellbeing, including recommendations for assistive technology.

Since 2009, Auscare’s allied health support team has been providing Australians with the support they need to ensure and prolong their quality of life with a holistic approach. Auscare prides itself to always provide our clients with the best professional support amplified with all the care and concern you will ever need.

Working with you to achieve your independence, wellness and goals

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Learn or regain skills so you can continue to live independently in a safe environment
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Improve your mobility, balance, strength and endurance