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As a registered NDIS Provider in Perth, Auscare can supply services that match your NDIS Plan.

Disability support anytime

Are you an NDIS participant?

Auscare is registered to deliver your disability support services, across Perth, in the following categories:
These categories translate into every day activities from getting dressed to participating in a social event. Auscare will assist you where you live. You may live with your family, independently, in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) or Supported Independent Living (SIL). All of our disability support services are focussed on you. We will support you to achieve your goals in life. If there is a task we cannot deliver, we will recommend a disability service provider who can.
I just wanted to say again how wonderful David's* carers from Auscare are. David has not been well for a while, has had diarrhoea and has not been eating anything for at least a week. He has been refusing to go to the doctor. Both his Auscare carers went into check on him this morning, changed his bed and adult diaper. They then returned again this afternoon to make sure that he was OK. Thankfully he did eat something this afternoon and seems to have picked up quite a bit. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he has turned a corner. Your carers are truly a credit to your organisation


*names have been changed to maintain privacy

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