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Working together to achieve mental wellbeing

Auscare provides mental health services across Perth, matched to you and your needs.

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If you are an NDIS Participant, we are a registered NDIS Provider, able to deliver tailored NDIS mental health supports identified in your NDIS Plan.
Auscare works with individuals and families to tailor supports that meet the needs of each individual. We deliver services with a person centred manner and have the people we support are at the centre of everything we do. We are responsive and flexible and have a mandate to provide quality support that is meaningful and which builds on individual strengths and enables individuals to reach their goals

Auscare Disability and Mental Health Services

Disability and Mental Health Services

Auscare cares

NDIS mental health is provided for under the same categories  for all NDIS participants.

Some mental health services in Perth are funded differently rather than using your NDIS Plan.

Auscare can help you decode and receive: