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Healthcare Testimonials

We make sure our clients receive friendly, professional service whilst having their needs met.

“Auscare enables me to feel safe .. in doing things and getting out and about and I’ve actually noticed the I feel happier as well since I’ve started with Auscare … my anxiety’s gone down.

..it’s just like having a friend or family member, I don’t actually feel like I’ve got a support worker with me.”



“[Auscare] has empowered me to do the rest of my life, instead of worrying.

I love Flora (support worker), I hope she never goes away from me, and I love Ellen (case worker) because she’s a magician, she creates things for you, it’s just important, it’s amazing.”



“Tony is very happy with the care he receives from his present carer. She’s very good and sets the standard – and a very high standard.

And we’re very very pleased with the service Auscare have provided to date.”

Collene and Tony (DVA Veteran)