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Staffing solutions for the healthcare sector

Extraordinary care, delivered by exceptional people, ready to support your organisation.
Disability staffing opportunities

Exceptional Staffing Opportunities

Auscare’s Staffing Agency has provided a great solution to many of our service providers, who often need flexibility in their workforce.

Whether you require personnel for a few hours or a few weeks, we can cater to all your round-the-clock permanent or temporary staffing needs.

If you are an aged care, disability or community services organisation looking for a flexible and effective staffing solution, you can expect exceptional Auscare people to provide extraordinary care for your organisation.

A range of roles to support your organisation

Auscare’s Staffing Agency provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions for the following range of roles. Apply now!

Registered Nurses


Enrolled Nurses


Assistants in Nursing


Occupational Therapy Assistants






Catering Assistants

We provide staff to a large range of sectors

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Residential Aged Care Facilities

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Lifestyle Villages

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Disability Support Providers

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Regional and Remote Nursing

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Going the extra mile for our clients

At Auscare Group, we have been providing quality training services for over 12 years, meaning our clients have great confidence in our service delivery. When training within our own facilities we offer a distinct advantage, as we regularly upskill our staff to ensure that their knowledge is always relevant. Our success in providing staffing solutions for organisations around WA is embedded in our commitment for excellence, achieved through:
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24 hour service

Immediate access to a live and responsive team member 24/7 to solve your staffing requirements

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98% Fill Rate

We are proud to have achieved a 98% fill rate over the past three years for our clients.
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Find 30 policy

A “Find in 30” policy where you can be assured that we will find a staff member or contact your facility within 30 minutes of an ASAP shift request or a solution to a vacant position.
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Live database

An updated and maintained database of employees who are screened by us to ensure that they are the best fit for your vacancy and ready to begin when you need;
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Quality Assurance

We have been an ISO 9001 standards accredited company for the past four years, instilling confidence in our clients. We have implemented systems and quality assurance programs to ensure that we meet and surpass each aspect of our service delivery.
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Stringent Recruitment Process

We have designed industry-specific psychometric tests to assist us in sourcing and selecting candidates with relevant qualifications, knowledge and aptitudes. All staff also undergo a 4-hour skills assessment at our training facility to ensure that they possess the necessary skills to fill your vacancies.
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Experienced Personnel

We have a strict requirement for all staff to have worked in a related field for at least six months full-time before joining our team.
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Continuous Improvement Process

We continuously monitor and evaluate staff to ensure that they maintain their suitability by seeking improvements through feedback from our clients, team members and via our Registered Training Organisation.
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Competitive Price

We price our services in relation to the comprehensive systems we have implemented to ensure that we source, assess and select the best candidates. Our pricing reflects true value