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Best Care and Service Guaranteed

At Auscare, we have based our operational approach on a quality service provision model, ensuring that staff are highly skilled and able to fulfil industry requirements.

Quality ensuring service

Our Service Quality Policy

We are committed to implementing, and continuing to improve, quality principles and procedures outlined in the documented Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO9001. Our documented Quality Management System is reviewed annually by our Leadership Group to ensure our objective of total customer satisfaction is being met and that the system is suitable and effective in meeting both customer and company needs. Auscare’s Service Quality Policy focuses on:
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Providing a professional level of service to our valued community
All staff are expected to accept their share of responsibility for identifying client needs and expectations and ensuring that the delivered level of service meets or exceeds these expectations whilst complying with all legal and contractual obligations.
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Communicating a range of policies, objectives and operational procedures
to new staff as part of the company’s Orientation process and ongoing professional development reviews.

Your feedback is important

As part of our commitment at Auscare to deliver exceptional service, we welcome your feedback about our work, our team members and services. We also welcome any ideas or requests for new services that we can provide to make sure we support our community better.