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Three tips for a successful healthcare job application

More and more people are seeking healthcare jobs, eager to be part of one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. According to the Department of Jobs and Small Business, there will be over 180,000 job openings for Carers alone over the next five years.

While having experience and qualifications is an important part of the job application process, it’s also important to stand out and demonstrate your suitability clearly. So we’ve put together three helpful tips for completing your healthcare job application and making a great impression on a potential employer!

Be clear and concise

Keep your resume at two pages at most, and make sure it’s neat and easy to read. If you’re unsure how to begin, you can find plenty of free resume templates online. As you start writing, remember to tailor your resume to whatever position you’re applying for. Leave out any details unrelated to the position as they may distract from your relevant skills, experience and qualifications.

You might also include a short personal summary at the top of your resume. This could be a few sentences detailing your relevant professional experience and what skills and attributes you will bring to the role.

After you finish creating your resume, go back and proofread it. Good communication skills are important for healthcare workers, so a resume full of mistakes probably won’t make a great impression.

Be honest about yourself

Before you begin your healthcare job application, make sure you’re qualified for the job. It’s a waste of your time applying for a job if you don’t meet the basic requirements of the position.

With that in mind, never make false claims on your application either. Your potential employer will know if you have! If you apply for the same role when you are more qualified, you’ll probably be remembered for your past mistake.

Don’t omit important information that might affect your ability to perform the tasks of the job you’re applying for. For example, an inability to gain a Police Clearance will seriously restrict your ability to undertake a range of healthcare roles.

Be prepared to move forward with your application

Make a good impression on potential employers by being organised. Demonstrate your value by carefully reading and following all instructions on your healthcare job application and any resulting communications.

As you move forward with the selection process, double-check that you have all necessary documentation. This can include your identification documents like Medicare cards or passports, Tax File number, Superannuation details, registrations and Visas.

It’s smart to have any documents that are required for starting a new job ready before they are needed. Scan your ID and any documents proving you can work in Australia before you start your application to save time when a new employer needs copies. Then you’ll be able to get started in your new role quicker!

Get ready to make a great impression!

Most healthcare employers receive a huge volume of applications for every position they advertise, so it’s important to stand out. Being clear, honest and well-prepared will make the recruitment process quicker and easier for you and your potential employer.

Don’t forget, these tips apply to a range of roles within the healthcare industry, including positions at healthcare and community service staffing agencies.

No matter the role you’re applying for, we wish you the best of luck!