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A Home Care Package Journey for John and Edna

Edna (85) visited Auscare’s office in East Victoria Park, seeking advice and support for her husband, John.

John (90), had wandered away from his home in the early hours, the police found him a few hours later and returned him home to Edna.

Our community manager listened to Edna, they both had no government funded services or close family support. They had a couple of elderly friends but unfortunately were unable to assist.

With Edna’s approval we visited the home and commenced the journey to receiving support to assist both herself and her husband.

Auscare liaised with Edna and John’s GP for any supporting information for our referrals and requests including: 

  • My Aged Care referral requesting urgent ACAT assessment for John
  • Regional Assessment Service for supports for Edna
  • Carers Gateway for support for Edna, to assist in her caring role
  • Alzheimer’s for guidance and understanding of John’s condition

Auscare provided the conduit for Edna and John, guiding and supporting them along their journey. 

There are other support options which were provided to both to ensure they were safe within their home.

It is now a few months and they are a different couple, with many supports commencing within a short time frame.

Edna is very happy; she has support to go shopping and some help in their garden through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.  A high priority Home Care Package has commenced providing the much-needed support for John.

John is content and enjoying his visits and excursions with his community carers.

The home care journey has commenced and there is much more needed to support both Edna and John to remain together at home and the Auscare community team will be there for them on that journey. 

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