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Australians going casual to find work-life balance

There are over two million casual workers in Australia today, accounting for around one fifth of the Aussie workforce. Gone are the days where the casual workforce consisted of mainly students in retail or hospitality. Today we are seeing more mature casual workers taking advantage of the flexibility of balancing casual work with their lifestyles and families.

Maintaining a great work-life balance

As well as enabling a work-life balance, the benefits of casual employment include a higher pay loading. This means more money for every hour worked. While casual workers might miss out on leave entitlements, they make up for it in flexible hours and extra cash.

A report by the Care Support Network and McCrindle shows that the average Australian worker’s ideal working hours would be 25.4 hours per week. This is far less than the traditional 38-hour working week. The desire to work less demonstrates that Australian workers want work to fit into their lives, rather than needing to shape their lives around work.

According to the same report, 87% of casual workers and contractors valued a good work-life balance. Health care workers represented a whopping 91% of that figure. These numbers are a strong indication that people want flexibility and free time, especially health care workers who work outside regular working hours.

Alternatives to traditional work

So, what other factors contribute to casual work in Australia? Well, many companies are reluctant to hire permanent employees, as it can be hard to dismiss workers who are not a good fit. These companies are turning to casuals to allow time to assess job fit, and turning to agencies for casual staffing needs. This is particularly the case in the health care sector.

More and more companies like Uber, Ola and Fiverr are offering an alternative: for people to work when it suits them. Earlier this year, one Australian revealed that in 2017 he earned over $171,000 through casual jobs found on the odd-job website Airtasker. Casual work is perfect for Australians who want to take control of their lifestyle. It is adaptable, assists with job satisfaction and offers choice through diverse roles and opportunities.

There are so many options out there, from starting your own business to the range of roles offered by casual staffing agencies. Explore your options and make life count!