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Auscare Community Supports a WA Family

At Auscare, we believe that supporting you and your loved ones is our highest priority. 

To make sure we practice this belief in our everyday actions and service for our participants, we focus on providing the highest level of customer service from the time you or your loved ones contact us through to the point where we develop a schedule or plan that fits your current needs. 

Of course, this attention to detail continues throughout the period of our care and service, so that you are always supported at every aspect of your health journey. 

When we received this story from one of our participant’s family members, we wanted to share this as it summarises exactly what we do and care most at Auscare – supporting you and your loved ones to the highest level. 

Here’s Anna’s* story to share: 

My name is Anna and I am writing to Auscare Community on behalf of myself and my sister Melanie*. We received the most wonderful support from a member of your staff, Ellen. 

Melanie (with some help from me) has full time care of our mum who is 87 and requires PegTube feeding, but as she has  upper level MND she is unable to help and really can’t be left alone for any length of time during the course of a day.

We are on the waitlist for Federal Government services but we’re ringing around to see if there was any private service that we could employ to provide in home flexible respite and/or emergency respite.

Brick Walls were what we encountered until we spoke to Ellen!

Ellen came to the home and carefully navigated us through the complicated Aged Care path and with the restrictions of Mum’s condition. She took the time to explain various options open to us and has given us the time to make decisions and the ability to reconnect with her and your services.

Your company is in good hands with Ellen being given the scope to travel and then sit with clients as they get their head around the process and their heart around the accompanying emotions.

Ellen showed us compassion and gave us time. Look after her!

Ellen, thank you so much for being such a compassionate person and caring about your job the way you do. We wish you all the best and thank you again.

Thank you Ellen – our community manager – and your team for your dedication to help our elderly and veteran community members feel supported at every point of their journey with Auscare. 

Get in touch with Ellen and her Community team for more information and assistance with your Home Care Packages, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and/or Private Care Services

*Please note that names have been changed in this testimonial to protect the privacy of our Auscare clients.